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The Christmas Scandal

Christmastime is full of scandals. Some are sacred, from long ago:  A virgin heavy with a baby out of wedlock.. Others are current and uncomfortable: conspicuous consumerism in a world brimming with need. And then, there is one scandal that we have been chewing on this month, in our community of faith: Waiting. Um.. you […]

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Advent + With


Yesterday, on the fourth Sunday of Advent, we explored what it meant to be ‘With’. ‘With’ is the sound of a myriad of voices joining together outside your home, and participating with your neighbors in the mysterious rituals. ‘With’ is hundreds of people from the local Catholic church leading a candlelight processional down your street. […]

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Advent + Being Untamed

To acknowledge the Advent season with our church, Mountainside Communion, we are creating images that correspond with each of the four Sundays of Advent. On the first Sunday of Advent, our church reflected on Time. The second Sunday was an exploration of what it meant to be Open. And this past Sunday, we displayed a […]

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Advent + Openness

Have you ever bitten into a fresh cranberry? Yesterday morning we presented the cranberries in the image above to everybody in attendance at our church, Mountainside Communion. On the count of three, we all began chewing on the cranberries in unison… and slowly, a boisterous response of laughter and puckered mouths spread throughout the congregation. […]

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Advent + Time

This past Sunday marked the commencement of Advent, the beginning of the church’s liturgical year and a special season of anticipation. Each year during the Advent season, people in our little church write prayers and meditations for our Sunday gatherings. These creative outpourings are unique: they are written from and for our tiny community, and […]

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