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Chez Panisse: La cuisine du marché

It has arrived. The post in which we talk about an experience we had been anticipating for years. A culinary adventure many aspire to, but few accomplish. The pilgrimage of foodies the world over. Chez Panisse. In 1965, a young student named Alice Waters traveled to Paris to study abroad, but instead found herself enamored […]

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Berkeley: Keeping off the Median Since 1969


A definition of Berkeley from the dictionary of Megan: an eclectic mix of youthful revelry, socio-political activism, simple abundance, and bohemian irreverence. Speaking of (any of the above), this sign’s snuggie is the the work of a group of guerrilla knitters who beautify the city under cover of darkness. We experienced a bit of culture […]

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Come to Your Senses + Slow Down

The uninhibited wildness and tranquility of Big Sur was showcased in the turquoise waters lapping up against dramatic cliffs.  At Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, plunging waterfalls cascaded onto undisturbed beaches and coves below. The faint, hoarse bark of elephant seals and occasional cry of a red-tailed hawk were the only sounds alerting me the […]

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