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Arcadia Arboretum Family Portraits
The Maljians

Allow me to introduce you to the Maljians: Jen + Rafi + Madison + Micah! Introductions? What am I talking about?! Chances are, you already know this family. The Maljians have lots (and lots) of friends and family who love them. We first met Jen + Rafi at Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene (Paz […]

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Oakland Maternity Portraits
Jean + Chris

Jean + Chris_0002

Jean and I go way back. We go back to the days when I dyed my hair with hydrogen peroxide on a whim, had food stuck in my braces pretty much all the time, and teared up if I wasn’t asked to slow dance at Winter Formal. Ah, sixth grade. Although we had been dear […]

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Sasha Teaches Us How to Be.

Sasha is the daughter of Sonia + Kurt. Allow her to teach you How to Be. Sasha is an expert in how to play, and like her parents, she is an excellent teacher. So, this is Sasha’s first lesson in How to Be: Feel. Rugs made of alpaca fur are soft; lie on them whenever […]

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Balboa Park | Torrey Pines | Windansea Beach, La Jolla
Jackie + Patrick

I’m just going to go ahead and say it, because otherwise you’ll waste hours wondering how you know her. Jackie looks just like Jessica Alba. Or vice versa. See?! I told you. You’re welcome. Jackie, Daniel, and I all got our Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy together, at Fuller Seminary. Jackie was one of […]

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Downtown Los Angeles
Lauren + George

The first time we met Lauren + George, we invited them over for Fudgesicles. Because that’s how we roll. We hadn’t even fully moved into our new apartment, but I had been sure to stock up on Fudgesicles because of a sweltering heatwave. On a whim, I invited a few neighbors over for a delectable […]

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