Meagan + Jason’s Engagement, Part II | Seattle Central Library, WA

We love asking couples about their stories:

Stories that really tell us about who they are.

This is Part II of the story of Meagan + Jason.

It’s a good one.

We found ourselves in Seattle, Washington — specifically, Seattle’s awesome Central Library — for Meagan + Jason’s engagement session!

To refresh your memory, Meagan + Jason met as strangers in a train station,

(Yes, these things do happen in real life..)

And these voyagers fell deeply in love.

Jason’s feelings for Meagan were strong, and he began to plan a surprise just for her…

The kind that would leave Meagan floored. That’s how much he loved her.

So Jason began to orchestrate his beautiful plot..

He secretly spoke to her boss, and he booked a single plane ticket.

Just as Jason had hoped, Meagan was unaware of the correspondence.

Soon thereafter, Meagan left for a business trip to New York City.

She spoke to Jason on the phone en route to her destination, and was sad to be without him.

But little did she know, Jason had planned a grand, romantic gesture. Grander than grand — HUGE.

All alone, Meagan opened the door to her hotel room when she arrived in NYC…

And there was Jason — on one knee!!

She was blown away.

And she said, “Yes!”

Meagan says that for days after Jason’s proposal, she was stunned by the surprise of it all..

and for the remainder of their trip, she and Jason basked in their exhilaration and joy.

So there we were, in the midst of Meagan + Jason’s engagement session in the Seattle Public Library. Surrounded by incredible book collections..

And lacquered red hallways…

And we saw that not only are these two smokin’ hot,

but they’re tender with each other, too.

So we left the Seattle Central Library to cool off -

And the result were some of my favorite images from the day!

There’s something about Meghan + Jason that I forgot to mention:

These two have a blast together.

Could they be any cuter?

I’m going to let you in on my favorite part of Meagan + Jason’s story:

Meagan + Jason adore each other in their wholeness.

Wild? Serious? Silly? Sweet?

They love it all.

And that’s a wonderful thing to behold.

Meagan + Jason, blessings to you both during this season full of stories,


And love.

Thank you,

for the chance to capture your beautiful story.


daniel + megan

Meagan Howell - July 28, 2011 - 11:06 am

These photo’s are so great! The library was so beautiful and was so much fun to shoot in.. Thank you so much Daniel + Megan for doing such amazing work and on top of it all making us feel comfortable. Best ~ Meagan + Jason <3

daniel + megan - July 28, 2011 - 9:28 pm

We’re glad you are enjoying them, Meagan! P.S. – The library was beautiful, but you two? Gorgeous.
Thanks for a GREAT weekend!

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