Santa Monica Pier Engagement
Kari + Justin

After a long hiatus from the blogosphere, I am back to tell the story of two of the most wonderful people I know:
Kari + Justin!!
We’ve been friends with Justin for about 7 years, and Kari’s family for even longer -

We all attend the same neighborhood church, Mountainside Communion.

Today I want to tell you the incredible story of Justin’s surprise ferris wheel proposal and the music and art that surrounds their lives.

But first, here are three fun facts!

1. I used to be a groupie for Justin’s former band, Justin Little and the Morning.

This band’s songs, written by Justin himself, were incredible.

Years later, I still have their CD in my car! And guess what? Two of its members fell in love and got married: Heidi + Scott!

2. Kari + Justin are both psychotherapists!

Justin recently graduated from Fuller, and Kari is wrapping up her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from APU.

3. Kari + Justin are the kind of people who immediately set you at ease with their easygoing nature and playfulness.

They embody both groundedness and levity.

Don’t you love them already?

Justin plays just about every instrument, and Kari is incredibly creative.

So what better way to spend an afternoon in Santa Monica

Then Kari drawing on a wall (with chalk, mind you) and Justin playing the accordion!

These two bring life wherever they go..

And they have so much fun in the process!

They’re vibrant.

I mean, would you just look at that smile?

She shines!

And he sees it!

Now, for my favorite part: Storytime!

It was a warm day at the LA County Fair in early Fall.

Justin + Kari were best friends in love,

and they were going to complete their magical day with a ride on the ferris wheel..

Justin couldn’t wait. He had carefully coordinated and eagerly anticipated what was about to unfold..

When Kari + Justin reached the front of the line, the ferris wheel operator gave Justin a knowing glance and handed him…

Justin’s guitar!

In one swift movement, Justin took the guitar, led Kari into the ferris wheel carriage, and began to play for her!

Justin serenaded Kari with a song he had written for her. A song of love. .

And Kari was swept off her feet – quite literally.

I’m tearing up as I write this because I love to think about what this moment of happiness must have felt like for them!

As the ferris wheel ascended into the sky, Justin proposed to Kari.,,

and as the sun set on fairgrounds, Kari said, “YES!”

And the world became brighter.

I can’t help but remember this touching song Justin wrote years ago called “Attachment Theory”

(you can listen by clicking on the link below):

“You’ve just got to reach your hands out now

You can never face this pain without

A friend willing to go with you and help you climb back out…

So sing to me, my friend, of a day when all this pain will end:

Every tear will dry up and we’ll never hurt again…”

Kari + Justin, I am so glad that you found one another!

May you share joy…

And peace…


P.S. – Did I mention that Kari + Justin are now Mr + Mrs Little?! Stay tuned for their Wedding!

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