You Belong {Here}: 6 Tips for Finding Your Best Lifestyle Engagement Photo Session Location

You and Your Sweetie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

First comes love, then comes the lifestyle engagement photo session, then comes marriage..

Yes, your engagement photos are that important! And your local wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer duo is here to help.

Today, we’re going to focus on one of the easiest ways that you can take your engagement photos to the next level:

Location, location, location!

The fact that you and your fiancé are, in fact, in your engagement photos makes them memorable and personal. But, the location is like the favorite shoes you wear that day: its an opportunity to add a layer of your personality to your photo.

Also, your lifestyle engagement session is about the experience, not just the photos. Our couples frequently tell us that they didn’t expect to have so much fun during their photo session – and the truth is, how much you are actually enjoying the session comes through in your photos, like you can see with Katie + Joel. A great locations can really add to your overall experience.

From our perspectives, engagement photos are an opportunity to authentically capture couples on a well-planned date.  Who doesn’t have lots of photos from formal occasions? While these are great, the lifestyle engagement photo session provides a unique opportunity: professional photos of you and your fiancé without the pomp and circumstance.

By taking candid and emotional photos of you and your fiancé during the engagement, you will forever have a reflection of what your relationship looks like when you’re absolutely twitterpated with one another on a lovely, relaxed day.  These photos document a season that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Another reason why engagement photos are so important is that they can be a way of visually establishing yourself as a couple. For some, they are a first impression to friends and family. Engagement photos will tell the world who you are as a couple, and the location you choose can be a significant part of that message.

So, the big question: How do you choose the location of your engagement session? Allow us to be of service with six quick tips!

{ 1 } Remember when…

The last dance at Prom. The time we took the wrong train in Italy and laughed at ourselves for hours. Swimming together in a reef with a hundred shades of turquoise.

Our memories define us: they are what make us who we are. Locations with strong memories associated are perfect backdrops for engagement photo sessions.

For example, Ariel + Reed loved spending time here. We’ve got to say, if you are going to have a special place, you might as well make it on a Malibu beach!

Great relationships are packed with treasured memories. Where did you have your first date? Kiss? Pop the question?

{ 2 } Know thyself.

You and your fiance are one of a kind. What makes you different?

For instance, if you’ve restored a vintage bicycle for your sweetie, that’s special to who you are. We were keen on Hollywood’s Griffith Park Observatory matching this retro engagement session.

{ 3 } Find your happy place.

Where are the places that you feel most alive?

It’s pretty hard not to feel joyful in a redwood forest, which is what makes Jean + Chris’s photos so adorable.

P.S. – These aren’t engagement photos, but the tip still applies!

But for other couples, the stadium of your favorite sports team might be the happiest place on earth. It’s all about about what gets you going!

{ 4 } I want to go to there.

Why not try going to a location that reminds you of a gorgeous scene in a favorite film?

For example, Jordan + Rob‘s quiet moment in a bustling train-station is iconic romance,

the Walt Disney Concert Hall is a sophisticated backdrop for a dramatic embrace,

And the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills is a modern love story for Heidi + Matt.

{ 5 } Ask your friends or family.

For example, Heidi’s sister recommended we take a few shots in this swanky washroom!

And you know what? I think it works!

{ 6 } Ask a photographer.

Chances are your photographer will have lots of suggestions for creative locations.

When we are out and about, we often note particularly picturesque locations on maps in our iphones. We always have a list of potential lifestyle photosession locations, like Lauren + George‘s location at the Biltmore hotel. When we return to locations we’ve photographed before, we strive to find new perspectives and create unique images.

So go forth and find your ideal engagement session location! And if you need a couple of photographers, you know who to call…


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