Advent + Being Untamed


To acknowledge the Advent season with our church, Mountainside Communion, we are creating images that correspond with each of the four Sundays of Advent. On the first Sunday of Advent, our church reflected on Time. The second Sunday was an exploration of what it meant to be Open. And this past Sunday, we displayed a photo at church that represents (to us) what it means to be Untamed.

This past Summer, our young friend Zeke broke his leg after Sunday School during a rousing game of kickball. The fracture resulted in a double-cast, which rendered Zeke almost immobile for a couple months.

Have you ever seen a child in a double cast? Their active little body is, shall we say…restrained.

It was sad.

But, at the end of the Summer, Zeke was able to have his cast cut off!

As you can see in the photo, he is back to his very active self, doing normal little boy things like running, jumping, and making his parents tired.

In a word, Zeke is completely and utterly Untamed.

Living a liberated and abundant life without his cast, Zeke is teaching us about God this Advent Season.

Thank you for reflecting with us!


daniel  + megan

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