Advent + Openness

Have you ever bitten into a fresh cranberry?

Yesterday morning we presented the cranberries in the image above to everybody in attendance at our church, Mountainside Communion. On the count of three, we all began chewing on the cranberries in unison… and slowly, a boisterous response of laughter and puckered mouths spread throughout the congregation.

“How would you describe your cranberry?”

“Tart!” Said one.

“Sour!” Yelled another.

And the kids? Well, they were preoccupied with trying to get rid of the bitter taste in their mouths!

Next, we all consumed sweetened dried cranberries for our gastronomical + theological experiment. Much to the relief of everyone’s taste buds, these were delicious!

So, why was eating cranberries a part of our church service yesterday? Well, our church’s theme for this second Sunday of the Advent season was ‘Open’.

If we had made up our minds that we didn’t like cranberries after only tasting the sour fresh ones, we would have missed out on the chewy goodness of the sweetened cranberries. For that matter, we would have missed out on the season’s offerings of cranberry sauce, cranberry scones, cranberry juice, and cranberry muffins! We have the above image of cranberries displayed in our church so that we can all remember to remain open-minded. After all, how else would we experience God’s blessings – in the form of cranberries, or a baby in a manger – if we are not open to new possibilities?

Thank you for reflecting with us this Advent Season.


daniel + megan

P.S. You can view our photo for the first week of Advent – ‘Time’ – here.

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