Story + Romance: Our First Photo Contest

When it comes to our blog, Megan and I have a saying: Story and Romance.

It doesn’t matter if we’re writing a post on an engagement session, wedding, maternity session, or a trip to Berkley, every post features both a compelling story and soul-tugging romance. Although love and romance are often paired together,  that is not the only way “Romance” can be interpreted – we like to think of it in broader terms. I particularly like this definition of romance: “A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful” (from the American Heritage Dictionary).

Now, I’m going to completely switch gears and talk about a favorite iphone app. You might be thinking to yourself, “There is absolutely no way that Daniel’s tech talk can loop back to Story and Romance.”

But just you wait.

Recently, I (Daniel) have developed an obsession with an iPhone app called Instagram.

For those of you who have never heard of Instagram, here’s how I describe it: it’s part cameraphone app, part social network, and part crack for photographers.

If you’re looking for the simplest way to shoot, upload and share photos on your iPhone, this is it.

Also, it’s free! You can download Instragram here.

A look at some of my recent Instragram photos:

This brings to the main point of this post: We’re having a photo contest! Yay!

And the theme? You guessed it: Story and Romance!


Here’s the deal:

The winner will receive a $5.00 iTunes gift card. Woohoo! Also, the winner’s photo will be featured on our blog and Facebook fanpage. The prize goes to our whoever submits a photo that best represents Story and/or Romance.

And the rules:

1) Take a photo with your cameraphone. I’d recommend Instagram for all you iPhone owners.

2) Upload or link to the photo on the Daniel + Megan Photography Facebook fanpage wall. You’ll need to “Like” our page first if you haven’t already.

3) Include the hashtag #storyandromance in the description of your photo. By posting and tagging your photo, you’re granting us permission to gush about your awesomeness and re-share your photo (on our Facebook fanpage and this blog).

4) On June 22, 2011 we’ll announce the winner on our Facebook fanpage and display their photo on this blog. That’s only 2 weeks away, so get snapping!


We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!



Daniel + Megan


P.S. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram, I’m danlundgren. Come find me!

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