THIS Is What A Big Dream Looks Like

This is the story of a woman who dreamed big.

Really big.

Her name is Corrine Handy, and she is the co-owner of Treebones Resort in Big Sur.

Corrine and her husband enjoyed their honeymoon in Big Sur over twenty years ago, and fell in love with the rustic coast. After their honeymoon, they made it a point to return every chance they got. “Back then we camped at every single campsite in this area,” Corrine recalled, “During the work week, I was Executive VP of Design in Los Angeles, but on the weekends we escaped to Big Sur.”

Early in their marriage, the Handys developed a dream of creating a communal place of respite and renewal in Big Sur. They purchased a plot of land, but continued with their lives in LA for many years and eventually had children together.

As the Handys’ children were growing up, they began to overhear musings about the dream resort in Big Sur.  It was then that Corrine realized that her fantasy had to become a reality. “We really wanted to expose our children to the idea of having a dream and seeing it through,” Corrine told us.

So Corrine and her family left their jobs and lives in LA, and began the process of building their dream. After six years of red tape and permits, Corrine and her family’s dream was transformed into Treebones Resort: 16 yurts, 2 campsites, a heated pool + jacuzzi, two restaurants, an organic vegetable garden + well, horses + chickens, an on-site masseuse, and killer views.

Oh, and zero carbon footprint. Zilch.

Every aspect of the resort proclaims the values of sustainability, a connection to nature, and renewal.

Treebones Resort is located on a fairly remote portion of the central coast and maintains an intimate atmosphere. Nevertheless, it has drawn the attention of the LA Times, the New York Times, Sunset Magazine, and National Geographic who have all written glowing articles about it. Despite all the media attention, we found Corrine to be extremely down-to-earth and friendly. After chatting for about an hour, Corrine hugged us and said, “I feel like I’ve known you guys forever.” Likewise, Corrine.

So, that is the story of Corrine’s Big dream. May it inspire you to dream big as well.

Our campsite came with a perfect ocean view. Wanna hear something funny? We didn’t notice the horses right next to our site until the morning we checked out – we were so busy staring at the ocean that we never bothered to turn around!

This vintage Coleman lantern belonged to Daniel’s late grandfather decades ago. He built a special crate for it out of wood with strategic compartments inside so that the lantern could be carried safety without rattling around.

Our tent was a gift from Melinda + Dave – thanks guys!

The yurts (left) come with redwood floors, cozy quilts, and peace and quiet. Oh, except for barking elephant seals (see our last post).

But don’t worry: Corrine told us that they hand out complimentary earplugs if you are bothered by the occasional cry of an elephant seal – also, she specifically wants you to know that the earplugs have a psychodelic design on them. I wish I’d asked if they were glow in the dark, too..

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in a giant human nest on a cliff overlooking the ocean, with a view of the starry night sky above you as you sleep? The human nest (right) is calling your name!

Well, that concludes a post about one of our new favorite places, and the woman who made it happen.

Corrine, thanks for setting such a beautiful and courageous example of what is possible when we take steps towards our goals. We know that it probably took buckets of blood, sweat, and tears for you and your family to make Treebones a reality, but LOOK! It’s Amazing! So take a moment and get a massage in one of those yurts of yours. Your dream came true.

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