Monrovia Newborn Portraits
Fischer Wesley

Over the past decade, we’ve developed a deep respect for Sonia + Kurt. From the days when Sonia mentored me in youth group, and Kurt was an example to Daniel of how to be friends with everybody in high school, these two have been a step ahead of us, guiding the way.

Honestly, this family teaches us how to be.

A few weeks ago, Sonia + Kurt welcomed a new baby into the world: Fischer Wesley.  Maybe I’m biased, but I think he’s pretty amazing!

The women in our church have a tradition for each expectant mother: it is called a Blessingway. After gathering together in a home, we will speak a word of hope, prayer, or blessing for the mother. Often we will combine this prayer with a physical object to remember it by, such as a bead to be strung on a bracelet, which the mother will wear during labor. Lately, these Blessingways have included a creative gift for the baby as well. For Fischer, we created a banner with welcoming and loving messages.

This tradition creates an environment which feels both sacred and safe, which is a beautiful setting within which to bare a child. This banner is a reflection of the warm community within which Fischer will grow.

Fischer, you were born into one of the most loving communities we’ve ever known, to some of the most wonderful people we know!

You are truly blessed, and are so loved.

Thank you for being you, Kurt,  Sonia, Sasha, and Fischer. We are grateful to God for you.


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