Oakland Maternity Portraits
Jean + Chris

Jean and I go way back. We go back to the days when I dyed my hair with hydrogen peroxide on a whim, had food stuck in my braces pretty much all the time, and teared up if I wasn’t asked to slow dance at Winter Formal.

Ah, sixth grade.

Although we had been dear friends years ago, Jean and I lost touch until facebook came to the rescue (editorial note: facebook can be kind of jarring, no? You have a mental image of your friend from school, and then all of a sudden, WHAM! You see pictures of her all grown up and gorgeous with a loving husband and a baby in her belly!)

I digress. When Jean asked if Daniel and I would take lifestyle maternity photos up in the Bay Area, I was so excited. What’s not to love about maternity shoots? Loving couple, cute belly, hope + expectation, and in this case, a rekindled friendship. We have the best job ever.

We spent a lazy late summer afternoon with Jean + Chris in an enchanting redwood forest, just outside of Berkeley. Lovely.

What struck me about Jean + Chris is the ease with which they melt into one another. I don’t think they went two minutes without giggling together and holding each other close..

It made me happy to see Jean so happy.

Jean and Chris were college sweethearts at UCR and are both super smart. Chris uses his mad math skills to build computer systems for cars at Bosh, and Jean uses her love of chemistry as an environmentally-friendly paint engineer at Dow. Which makes me wonder: why didn’t you give me some pointers in Ms. Downey’s class, Jean? I really could have used your tutelage!

By the way, Jean isn’t the only one expecting..

Jean says that Chris is having his own baby: his doctoral dissertation. Apparently labor is exhausting.;-)

Aren’t Jean + Chris perfect together? Their baby is due in December: a little boy named Evan Collin.

Hope Evan gets his Mama’s looks and his Papa’s smarts…Or his Mama’s smarts and his Papa’s looks…

Oh, wait. He’s gonna be perfect.



[...] pretty hard not to feel joyful in a redwood forest, which is what makes Jean + Chris’s photos so [...]

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