Green Mountain Ranch Wedding Photography
Heidi + Scott Part III

Hello, friends!

Its been a while since our last post,



Let’s pick right up where we left off, shall we?

Part III of the beautiful story of Heidi + Scott’s Green Mountain Ranch Wedding!

After their emotional ceremony,

Heidi + Scott spent a few quiet moments alone together as the sun set behind the trees..

Love emanated through their shared glances.

These moments in-between the ceremony and reception feel sacred when we photograph them..

Amid all of the excitement, this is when time stands still.

Together, Heidi + Scott took a few moments to be quiet and savor.

But when it was time,

The party began!

Heidi + Scott’s Wedding Reception was full of tightly-knit family and friends who often feel like family

The smiles were radiant, and the laughter was constant!

 Every detail was a perfect reflection of Heidi + Scott,

from Heidi’s surprise ice cream cake (Scott’s favorite), to their wedding favors:

mix CD’s with songs these two musicians cherish together.

Although Heidi + Scott’s wedding was six months ago,

I still remember tearing up at the heartfelt toasts.

“I saw Scott touch Heidi’s face tenderly, and I knew!” Deborah said,

“And when I talked with Heidi about how she felt with Scott, she agreed that she felt at home.”

She feels at home.

It gets me every time.

As the light grew dim, and the photobooth lit up,

the dancing began -

and if you know anything about Heidi + Scott’s friends, you know that they love to dance!

Why? They’ve got moves..

And everyone joins in!

It was the BEST time.

Heidi + Scott, you are incredible people -

What an honor to photograph your Wedding!

We have so much love for you both.


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