Puyallup, Washington Wedding Reception | Part II
Heidi + Matt

Allow us to take you on journey to a strangely wonderful place: Part II of Heidi + Matt’s Wedding Reception in Puyallup, Washington!

This is what we call a ‘Photobooth’ – and Heidi + Matt’s idea to stock it with props from Etsy was brilliant!

My favorite thing about Photobooths are that everybody gets to join in the fun:

I think we were practically in tears we were laughing so hard!

The kiddos got into character, too – with hilarious results!

I love seeing which props get picked. Each combination looks completely unique:

Are you going to be a rodeo clown or a retro librarian? The choice is yours!

But no matter what choice you make,

A Photobooth is a wonderfully entertaining place to be!

Dear readers, need we explain why we love Heidi + Matt and their family so much?

I didn’t think so!

Heidi + Matt, you’re just great.


daniel + megan

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