Saddlerock Ranch, Malibu Wedding
Heidi + Matt

People don’t forget Heidi + Matt.

Ever since we took their engagement photos at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and the Griffith Park Observatory, we have heard from other couples who have been inspired by their lifestyle photo-session. Why? Because their photos are an example of how photography can be both real and magical; candid and orchestrated. You see Heidi + Matt’s photos, and you get it.

You get that images can tell the couple’s story.

You get that dynamic, candid photos are emotional beyond words.

You get that meaning and emotion are more valuable than stiff formality.

Not only did Heidi + Matt’s lifestyle engagement session allow us to truly capture their relationship through photography, but it allowed us to do what we love most – connect.  Heidi + Matt became our good friends, which is why we were so thrilled when they asked us to be their wedding photographers!

Except, they had already been officially wed at a small ceremony in Big Sur.

No matter! The beauty of lifestyle photography is that each session is truly a memory, a moment in the relationship that is real. The groom looks at the bride and beams. The bride is breathtaking and joyful. And if the Big Day is not That Day, the couple can savor these moments with one another (while we quietly float about, snapping our camera shutters) without worrying about the wedding day schedule.

So, we present to you: a sampling of Heidi + Matt’s love, affection, and commitment to one another…

Heidi + Matt’s photos session took place at Saddlerock Ranch. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist in real life, because to get to hang out at an idyllic vineyard with exotic creatures and call that ‘work’ seems too good to be true.

Even Heidi + Matt’s love story sounds like a fairytale – you have got to read it, here.  Then, return to these photographs, and that loving gaze will mean even more. Magical.

Zebras, highland cows, camels, horses, and our favorite—llamas—are unexpected additions to this vineyard in Malibu called Saddlerock Ranch.

Two things:

#1 – Llama!

#2 – The dog with Heidi + Matt on the right. It ran up to them unexpectedly, which gave me this image of Heidi + Matt as Saint Francis – animals just flock to them and their goodness. We joke (but its true) that Heidi + Matt could make friends with absolutely anyone.  They are so genuinely kind, engaging, and hospitable – even the animals know that!

Next, we stumbled upon a swing hanging from a tree. So playful,

And so sweet.

Friends, this is love.

The word that comes to mind with Heidi + Matt is ‘tenderness’. You’ll see why in these next few images  – this is what happens when we walk away and watch through the lenses of our cameras…

Sweet kisses. A cool  breeze sweeping back her gown…


Inside jokes and reflections that only they can hear…

A moment. A single moment that could have passed unnoticed, or been forgotten as time passed – but we had the honor or preserving it so that it can be cherished for years to come.

This, friends, is why we are photographers!

Heidi + Matt, we love you guys. Thanks for being you.


daniel + megan


P.S. – After their lifestyle wedding session, we photographed one of Heidi + Matt’s retro-fabulous wedding receptions at this same location – so keep a look out for those images on the blog!

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