Monrovia Wedding Invitations
K.C. Hopper

K.C. Hopper is a small and impeccably chic stationary + gift store in downtown Monrovia.

I window shop there – frequently – and thought I’d share my recommendation for where to purchase custom wedding invitations. Also, I wanted to introduce you to Kathleen, the store’s owner: a woman of spunk, substance, and style.

When you hold the stationary, you’ll notice a distinct sense of quality in the paper weight and letterpress. The invitations are elegant, but not boring.

Fun, right? I love wedding invitations with personality, but not so wild that they can’t be appreciated by any generation.

Some couples like to save the pizazz for the envelope..

This one says, “I’m classic and high-end. I wear Banana Republic, vacation in the Alps, and have a doctorate in Environmental Science.” I have a very active imagination..

So, that’s reason #1 to design wedding invitations at K.C. Hopper (the lovely stationary). Reason #2? Kathleen, the owner, is wonderful at spending time with each of her customers.

We’re talking dedication – Kathleen spends hours with clients to help them get their wedding invitations Just. Right.

In appreciation of her patience and hard work, K.C. Hopper’s customers treat Kathleen like family.

Scratch that. They become family – Kathleen mentioned to me that she is the GODMOTHER to one of her customer’s kids!

So readers, if you stop by K.C. Hopper, give Kathleen a hug for us!


megan + daniel

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