Part I: We’re Better Together

“What do you love about photography? What about it draws you in?”

The other day we were sitting around a table having coffee with some friends, when the familiar question was raised. Even though we’re asked this all the time our answer always changes – and each time, I think I’ve got the answer that speaks clearly to this passion.

I guess all good questions have lots of answers.

Which is the perfect excuse for another series on this blog!

How do we love photography? Let us count the ways!

#1. We love being a witness to loyalty and friendship. 

May we present a few of our favorite images from the past year that simply say, “We’re better together.”

Better Together from Daniel + Megan Photography on Vimeo.

Think about your favorite person in the entire world. The person you live for; the person you would give your life for.

Do you have pictures to convey your relationship with that person?

Because in the end, we’re thinking that enduring companionship and unabashed silliness are key elements of life together.


daniel + megan

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